Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be the leader in the any industry that we are involved in whether locally or globally and to be true citizens contributing to the development of our nation.


We are an innovative organization and continuously improve our process, products and resources. We are committed to meet our customers’ needs including reliability, quality, service and efficiency in a manner that anticipates and exceeds their expectations. We endeavour to provide challenging career development to our employees through training, employee involvement and human resource planning. We believe in the spirit of co-operation and coordination and intend to earn the confidence and respect of our member companies by providing support, guidance, and share of information and thereby survive and prosper together.

Core Value

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7A, 7th Floor, EFR Building , No. 941, Corner of Shukhintha Mayopat Road and Myoma 11th Street, North 4th Ward, Thakayta Township, Yangon Region.


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