U Aung Min Han

Chairman of EFR Group Of Companies

U Aung Min Han is the Chief Executive Officer of E.F.R Group of Companies. U Aung Min Han holds Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (2001), Certificate of Internal Auditor Training Course (2003), Diploma in International Freight Management Certificate in Multimodal Transport (2004), Certificate in Multimodal Transport (2004) and Master of Business Administration (2008).

In June 1997, U Aung Min Han joined E.F.R, first as a marketing executive at Ever Flow River Forwarding & General Services Co., Ltd and then was promoted to marketing manager and gradually up to the post of General Manager in sub-business units of E.F.R Group of Companies. His excellent interpersonal skills, wide knowledge and in-depth experience in marketing and administration and interest in the work concerned make confident to predict that he will excel in the top-level management position. As a brilliant, talented, dedicated and energetic young professional, U Aung Min Han becomes Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of E.F.R Group since 2012 and one of the board directors of E.F.R Group of Companies. He also an Executive Director of Myanmar International Freight Forwarders Association (MIFFA) and EC of Myanmar Mercantile Marine Development Association (MMMDA).