Corporate Milestone

EFR TRDG | 1998

EVER FLOW RIVER TRADING COMPANY LIMITED 1998 was the first company incorporated under the Group and has been involved in the Trading Businesses. Ever Flow River Trading Co., Ltd. offering trade facilities to both exporters and importers..

EFR GLE | 1999

EFR G LINK EXPRESS SERVICES LIMITED. was incorporated as a first ever freight forwarder company under the Group in order to offer total logistics solutions via the international network partners.

GSASL | 2000

GOLD SHIPPING AGENCY SERVICES LIMITED. was set up as an agent company for the Hyundai Merchant Marine, an international well-known shipping line from Korea, offering sea freight services to customers.

MRTW | 2005

MYANMAR ROUND THE WORLD LOGISTICS LIMITED. was the 2nd Freight Forwarding company that was incorporated, specializing in the air freight forwarding business. It has been a cargo sales agent/ general sales agent for several well-known airlines, offering air freight services to customers.


UTOC MULTIPACK MYANMAR COMPANY LIMITED. Multipack Engineering Services Ltd. was set up as a logistics engineering company offering engineering services for in-house subsidiaries in services such as GOH constructions.

ECHO | 2011

MRTW MANUFACTURING & INSPECTION COMPANY LIMITED. As the garment industry is booming and more customers required quality control services of the garments, MRTW Manufacturing & Inspection Company Ltd. was incorporated as a garment inspection company, offering inspections business especially to Japan Garment Customers

GOC | 2012

EVER FLOW RIVER GROUP OF COMPANIES (PUBLIC) LIMITED was first incorporated as a private company in 2012. The restructuring into a public company was done in 2014 and all units has been restructured under the public company.

UCS | 2012

UNISION CHOICE SERVICES LIMITED. was the 3rd Freight Forwarding company founded by the Group and was set up to focus on the garment logistics business for well-known Clothing Brands.

Kamigumi | 2014

KAMIGUMI EFR LOGISTICS MYANMAR COMPANY LIMITED. was incorporated as a joint venture between Kamigumi Japan and EFR. This unit was set up to offer transport services to the local market.


EVER FLOW RIVER LOGISTICS AND DISTRIBUTION CENTER (MANDALAY) COMPANY LIMITED was incorporated as a joint venture company between Future Trading Co., Ltd. and Southern Island Co., Ltd. and EFR. It was incorporated in order to develop a logistics hub in Mandalay, Myanmar, connecting Mandalay and Yangon Trade flows.

E.F.R | 2020

E.F.R Group Public Company Limited listed on Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) on 28th May 2020 (Thursday) and its share trading was started at the same time..

UN Global Compact | 2020

Since 2020, Ever Flow River Group Public Company Limited has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Eravati Myanmar | 2022

Eravati Myanmar is a newly established business unit of E.F.R Group. In 2022, "Eravati Myanmar" as a subsidiary of Ever Flow River Trading Co., Ltd and is established for the trading of rubber raw materials. It demonstrates our dedication to expanding our trading business, particularly in the area of "Rubber Products" operations in Myan-mar.