Customs Clearance

Customs brokerage is an extremely important yet often overlooked function in international trade and transportation.

Our well trained customs clearance specialists work closely with our customers to prepare trading formalities, submit to Myanmar customs for customs clearing process such as appraising, calculating and activating payments on behalf of customers for taxes, duties as per existing tariff and dues and following with cargo clearance at respective ports and terminals effectively and efficiently.

At the same time we enable them to take full advantage of the benefits offered through various services of temporary importation, Exhibition cargo clearance, border trade customs clearance, tax exemptions for project cargo importations and other customs clearing related formalities.

Our interface with customs and know-how of trade regulations allows us to streamline movement of customers’ cargo at the appropriate time at reasonable cost and short time frame.

EFR is a founder member of MCBA ( Myanmar Customs Broker Association ) and we hold an official Customs Clearing License issued by the Myanmar Customs Authority.