About E.F.R


What does the name of Ever Flow River epitomize?

There is a saying in the west that a person can never take a bath in the same river twice. This saying suggests the nature of rivers as never ceasing and ever flowing. Our Group of Companies had adopted this name at the auspicious occasion of incorporating our company to signify that just as rivers never cease to flow towards the ocean our group of companies will also be flowing towards continued, sustained and unhindered success and achievement.


Although EFR is a fully integrated Total Logistics Service Provider we have diversified successfully into other industries such as Trading, Plantation, Manufacturing, Hotels & Tourism. In order to be a contributor to the Myanmar Economy we intend to invest and develop the National Logistics Infrastructure in the new era thus keeping in line with the Economic Boom that Myanmar is experiencing. EFR comprises of 7 Subsidiaries, 1Affliate and 2 Project Companies operating successfully under the management of EFR Group of Companies (Public) Ltd as five divisions in diverse industries employing over 600 employees.